Bringing the African Pride to Medicine

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About Us

The AfroMedics (TAM) is an online organization co-founded by Winnie Adebayo and Dara Fadeyibi in 2022. Inspired by personal struggles to find resources tailored specifically to international students to help achieve our goals of becoming physicians in the United States, we have created a platform to address this need in our community. Over the years, we have learned the importance of mentorship and guidance in navigating the medical school application process. We are committed to providing that for all current and future international students and immigrants interested in a career in medicine. We will start with our stories, but we want to share yours too.

Our unique insight and perspective shine light on the international/immigrant experience in premedical/medical education and career.

Come hear our stories and share yours too! We bring a sum of 21 years of experiential knowledge of life in the US, academia, and medicine.

We are leading the charge in building a community of like-minded students and professionals. Join us; you are home.


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